How I became QMS Consultant

A lot of my readers asked me about my working experience, my beginnings and eventually, how I started to write articles for a company that has become significant in the medical industry within a short time.

Let’s start!

My professional beginnings did not herald a glittering career. As a student, I started working at a fast-food restaurant where I first encountered organization and quality. Even though one would think that such restaurants do not pay attention to Quality, I have to assure you, they do. You must be responsible and offer the customer a product that will meet his expectations (and will not cause nausea).

After graduating from college, I got the job of a Food Inspector by strange circumstances. Of course, at first, I learned from my older colleagues and later led my team. It was here that I learned how important the team was and how it worked. Everyone obeyed the regulations and rules that had to be followed, and no one looked at it as “I have to” but “That’s right.” In the future, this helped me a lot, because my colleagues often were looking at QMS as something a firm must-have today and the QMS manager was for them just a function without which companies cannot function. But I have to reassure you. QMS is something that a company MUST NOT have BUT WANTS because it brings it many benefits and a better position.

Now, I work as a Medical Device Regulatory Consultant at a recognized company.

As a team, we started looking for the best tools to help our clients. In particular, the ideal QMS software for startups and small businesses. It had to have all the necessary characteristics to save time and money of our clients, and to do the job.

Most of the Medical Device companies don’t know where to start, what they need, how to get organized. Our job is to guide them, to show them the right path. But first, they must know essential things before they get into the whole developing process of creating a Medical Device.

That is the beauty of my job, to help clients bring their product with quality on the market.

While I was searching and checking eQMS software, I made a good connection with qmsWrapper’s team. Among other things, we became friends and then they suggested I work with them, to write specialized articles. So that is how my hobby becomes my work.

5 years medical regulatory consultant, before I was food inspector. Writing become my passion. Member of qmsWrappers author team.